Play Everyday

A Recreational Sports Media Agency 

PE is a collection of movement focused brands.  Play Everyday endeavors to champion and pioneer the importance of female sports medicine and physical/mental wellness globally. 

At PE, we purpose revenue from our media, product, and event brands to execute thoughtful advertising partnerships and collaborations. This empowers PE to fund community based recreational movement, our patent pending playspaces, and R&D for female centered sports medicine.

For far too long we’ve waited for the few to tell the true story of the many.

The raw, unfiltered, un-Disney reality that is love, death, health and the overall human experience. That changes with Play Everyday. 

We generate revenue through media, products, events and values-aligned advertising partnerships to fund the two things that are at the center of our existence.

Play Everyday focuses on:

  • The research and development of female centered sports medicine
  • The building of recreational community Playspaces for all ages 

    We know that joy is the actual innate state of a human being, and every system of our culture has found a way to undermine that.

    Play Everyday is our attempt to:

    • Bring joy back to the lives of people
    • Do media better
    • Solve for a better birth, death and overall human experience

    PE is Coached by a Collective of Professional Mobility, Strength, Endurance and Human Wellbeing Practitioners. We are NCAA National Champions, Jiu-Jitsu World Champions, Yoga Teachers, Healers and Wisdom Keepers.

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